The impact of early nutrition and growth on later obesity - evolutionary perspectives

18th of March 2015

The evolutionary perspective includes the findings and perspectives on how the transition between growth phases represents unique periods of evolutionary adaptive response to the environment. Difference in the effect of nutrition on growth in low-, middle, and high-income countries respectively will also be covered in this symposium at Frederiksberg Campus.



15.00-15.05 Introduction by Kim Fleischer Michaelsen

15.05-15.50 The Evolutionary Biology of Human Body Fatness 
                     Early Nutrition and later obesity
by Jonathan Wells

15.50-16.35 Infantile programming for child Growth and maturation
                     by Ze'ev Hochberg

16.35-17.00 Discussions

17.00-17.45 Light refreshment and networking

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Symposium invitation


Auditorium A1-01.01
Bülowsvej 17
Frederiksberg Campus