The Centre for Fetal Programming was the results of collaborative effort across different institutions. Here you will find details on how the Centre came about.

April 2009

Two phase 1-applications were send to The Danish Council for Strategic Research: “Maternal Nutrition Research Centre: Impact of Maternal Diet on Child Health and Development”, Main applicant: SF Olsen, and “The impact of maternal diet on foetal programming of metabolism: Vertical transmission of obesity and other metabolic disorders, and identification of opportunities for intervention”, Main applicant: MO Nielsen.  

June 2009

The Danish Council for Strategic Research proposed SF Olsen and MO Nielsen to explore the possibilities to collaborate and submit a strategic centre-application by September 2010, to establish a Centre for Fetal Programming. 

This should be done in collaboration with a third party, an already existing strategic network already funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research ”Global maternal and fetal care in prevention of adult non-communicable disease”, main applicant P Poulsen (A Vaag) funded for 2008-2011.   

September 2009

An application was sent to The Danish Council for Strategic Research to fund a strategic centre for at five year period, namely Centre for Fetal Programming.   

January 2010

The Centre was funded, although with substantial cuts, i.e. from 40m DKK to 34m DKK.

Last revised 21 August 2017